: Jan Kanter Photographs (jan@jankanter.com)

Jan Kanter Photographs (jan@jankanter.com)


Land of Dreams

Sun Shower

Ruby Leaves

Winged Jewel

Before Morning Coffee

Passage of Time

Granite Playground

Strange Geometry

Cool World

Winter Lace

Inside the Sun

Little Frog

Hall of Mosses


Cellular Landscape


Northern Forest

Dancing Leaves

Wild Lupines

The Flood

Meadow Anemone

Morning Walk

Cactus Flower

Emerald Forest

Winter Rill

Crystal City

Winter Light

Earth's Crown

Into the Night

Leaf Painting

Mossy Forest

Among the Clouds

Opalescent Pool

Snowy Stream

White Sands


Alternate States


Water Lilies

Blue Allium

Snow Clouds

Formal Landscape

Deciduous Fantasy

Wooden Gargoyle

Elegant Rocks

Snow Bunny

Graphic Landscape

Snow Wraiths

The Gathering

Fallen Angel


The Forest Floor

Morning Light

Autumn Fantasy

Trees at Dawn

Bentonite Hills

A Wall of Green

Stone Rainbow

Poison Moon



Swans and Geese

Sugar Maple

Star and Comet

Frosty Trees

Spider Town

Meadowhawk at Daybreak

Fall Colors




Web Abstract


Trumpeter Swans

Smiling Elk

Camouflaged Cat

Artist's Statement

Jan Kanter is a Chicago photographer with a special
interest in nature. Although she enjoys city life and
people's activities, most of her images show few signs
of human presence. She travels many miles to find lush
bluestem grasslands, ferny forests, theatrical trees
and rocks, lava fields, and other magical settings.
Some of her photographs show emotional landscapes that
suggest joy, tranquility, desolation, or chaos. Many
are small scenes--chance arrangements of twigs, small
frogs on leaves, water droplets, the shadows of dune

In addition to her nature studies, Kanter also loves
the wonderful shapes found at industrial sites, such
as storage tanks, pipes, wiring, walls of windows,
metal catwalks, and other industrial forms. Chicago
has hundreds of interesting bridges, factories, and
other structures that are fun to photograph. And, of
course, there are the fabulous items to be found on
the road--mysterious buildings, prophetic clouds,
amusing signs, and plaster rhinoceroses.

Some of the photographs in this collection are from
Jan Kanter's series "Jewels of the Forest." She is
also at work on several other series, including
"Landscapes of the Mind," "The Poetry of Grass," and

Prices available upon request.

Contact: jan@jankanter.com

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